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Lead Wire Production System

Lead Wire

The Hydron Lead Wire System is designed to efficiently produce lead wire of superior quality, commonly employed in the production of preforms for lead-core bullets for various applications in the ammunition industry. Single production line allows for production of over 3000lbs of spooled or coiled wire of top quality. Thanks to innovative solutions, such as vacuum degassing and pressurized casting, the final product is uniform, high density wire, without any voids, blisters or discontinuities. The production process starts with lead ingots and includes melting, casting, extruding and coiling or spooling of the final wire. Final wire may later be used for preforms to be used in swaging process. Key characteristics of the production line: - high process automation sets minimal labor requirements for operation, allowing for cost efficient manufacturing process - high reliability through the use of high quality components and engineering allows to minimize downtime - incorporation of SCADA, enabling real-time monitoring and control, providing invaluable insights into the production process - ability to separate melting and casting from other operations providing additional operational flexibility Hydron’s renowned for the highest service quality. With 35 years of presence, we are able to advise our customers on optimal production set up, as well as support with any troubleshooting.

Melting Furnace

Lead Billet Caster

Lead Wire Extruder

Lead Wire Spooler

Lead Wire Take-Up System

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